Building land at Valtos Beach Parga

Type of Property: Land plots

Description of property

Plot in the area of ​​Valtos Parga. It overlooks the sea and the castle of Parga.

The very small distance from the center of Parga creates conditions for all kinds of tourist business and development.

The view overlooking the beach of Valtos and the Ionian Sea, as well as the old Parga, enchants creating tranquility and enjoyment.

Basic features

Price: 280.000,00 €
Type of Property: Land plots
Year of construction: 2017
Available for: Sale
Property code: Parga Valtos
Area: 1000.00 m²

More specs

Δύο λεπτά με τα πόδια βρίσκεται η πιο διάσημη παραλία της περιοχής ο Βάλτος.

Η πολυσύχναστη αυτή αμμουδιά έχει υποδομές για θαλάσσια σπορ και συγκεντρώνει την πλειονότητα του κόσμου, τόσο των νεαρών όσο και των οικογενειών.


Location of property

The area

The beach of Valtos is one of the most beautiful sandy and most famous of Epirus. It is the diamond of Parga for the locals and for many guests. It is located behind the Venetian castle of Parga and extends to the foot of the Blacherna monastery.

 In Valtos Beach, there are restaurants, cafes and hotels and almost all water sports.

The waters are deep and clear. The beach of Valtos is one of the unique sandy beaches with natural beauty, as from one end are the castle and the rocks and on the other the port and the monastery. Also the green and the olive grove almost reach the edge of the sandy beach.

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