Property purchase

Purchase Property

The purchase of property overlooking the sea in the area of ​​Parga is a dream for each of us. We are here to help you make it happen. The first step was by visiting our site; you are already closer to your dream. We will help you with the other steps to make your dream easier while ensuring your investment.

1. Research and Property Selection

If it has selected one or more properties available, please contact us so that you can get all the necessary details to help you make your choice. If you did not find what you wanted, just ask us for it, we will look for you according to what you want to describe to us.

2. Visit Property

At this stage, we plan an appointment together to visit whatever choices you have made, and at the same time we will present you with any new offers that are appropriate to your search.

If you decide to buy one of the choices we have visited, congratulations!

3. Title Search

Once you have selected the Property that you wish, we will negotiate and determine the final price. It follows the verification of the property titles and their validity, as well as the investigation of possible deeds or other necessary checks so that we can reach the property block with the down payment

4. Contracts and Final transfer of the Property

Once the transfer tax has been paid with the help of the notary, both parties will sign the final contract and then it can be transcribed to the Land Registry in charge.



Your dream just came true!!!

To do all this, all you have to do is contact us !!!

Assignment - Sale of Property

Ανάθεση - Πώληση Ακινήτου

Collaborate with us to promote and successfully sell your Property by choosing the simple or exclusive cooperation with us.

The advantages of exclusive cooperation are many and it is the most professional approach for both sides. It allows us to invest in promoting your property, as well as a greater commitment to more immediate, faster and more integrated management of your property to deliver better results.

If the mode of cooperation and the submission of the necessary documents (property titles, topographical plans, floor plans, etc.) are selected, you draw up the exclusive cooperation agreement, clearly indicating the obligations and rights of both parties, the duration of the cooperation, and thee fee of our office.

With the signing of the collaboration agreement, the promotion of your property, through our web site (, begins with the cooperation with offices as well as with large web sites for the display of real estate abroad and Greece.

Our office will be in constant contact with you to fully inform you about the promotion and demand of your property.

Contact us for a meeting with you and your property, and in cooperation to organize the promotion of your property.

Property Renovations

Property Renovations

If you want to buy an older property or you have an old property you can make partial or total renovation both internally and externally.

Our company Pargaestate in cooperation with experienced engineers and technicians undertakes the renovation of your Property according to your needs and desires.

With proper design and right choice of materials, always respecting the architectural standards of our region, we renovate your property by multiplying its value.

Contact us for a visit to your place so that we can plan together your progress and upgrade course.


Ανακαίνιση Ακινήτου

Searching for your dream home sometimes you do not find one to capture your character and taste.

Buying a plot and building your own unique property seems the most reasonable option. It is advantageous for economic, quality and tax purposes. In addition, shaping, design, and materials will be according to your own needs, and personality.

Pargaestate will find the plot that you desire, and then with experienced engineers and the proper group of technicians will undertake all stages of constructing and completing your dream home.


Contact us if you think this solution is right for you and come to build your dream home!!!