Fantastic Land property with views to Parga

Type of Property: Parcels

Description of property

An attractive parcel for sale in Parga, has nice sea views and it is located in a magical olive forest in a peaceful surrounding, close by Saint Elena church, which is the most visited place in Parga.

 Its total surface area is 30000 m2 and it is situated on a cliff overlooking the town of Parga.

The view to the Island of Panagia at Parga is magical creating a calm atmosphere and joy.

Basic features

Price: Ζητήστε τιμή
Type of Property: Parcels
Year of construction: 2017
Available for: Sale
Property code: Parga30000
Area: 30000.00 m²

Location of property

The area

Parga is located in a small bay amidst an olive-green area and sea. It is one of the most popular places in mainland Greece. It is 65 km away. From Preveza.

Easily accessible via Egnatia Odos (1 hour from Ioannina, 2 hours from Kozani and 3 hours from Thessaloniki).

Graphically as an island but with land access, a blessed place with natural beauty and history, the gem of the area.

Discover it and live a life you never imagined!

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